Get To Know Us

We offer many of our revenues back to our trainees. HappyMassage opened 15 years ago with a basic idea: Wouldn't it be terrific to develop a massage school that taught modern-day massage strategy, with a hands-on technique to learning, at a budget-friendly cost, and with an easy, useful, and versatile schedule? Our objective is to supply exceptional massage education that is useful and inexpensive. We achieve this through focused, hands-on training in modern-day massage method. HappyMassage teaches the most effective and reliable massage methods, while still preserving inexpensive tuition. Acknowledging that most massage treatment trainees have family and work dedications in addition to school, HappyMassage uses versatile scheduling of class and center times.

Since our program stresses hands-on training, our graduates are totally prepared to start practicing as expert massage therapists instantly upon their graduation and licensure. There is no pleasure equal to that of having the ability to work for all mankind and doing what you're succeeding.